fot Digi.logue, Tippit Festival and Post-2011 Diaspora and Home-Making in Berlin

As part of the Digi.Logue festival in Istanbul, we organised a workshop creating live visuals with Max.Msp and mapping the output in 3d objects built by the participants.

For the Tippit Festival organised in the University of Applied Sciences Europe in Berlin in 2019, we prepared a workshop on TouchDesigner software  to create a performance which focuses on the interaction between body- movements and technology. The projected visuals interact with the movements of the participants using the Kinect as a sensor.

We presented a storytelling performance with visual effects in the Werkstatt der Kulturen - Berlin 2019, part of the workshop  “Post-2011 Diaspora and Home-Making in Berlin”, organised in a cooperation between “Mayadin Al Tahrir and Europe in the Middle East” and “The Middle East in Europe (EUME)” and, It is supported by Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung.

Helin Ulas // Rana Riad // Andy Liu // Martina Illarregui